Sunday, September 30, 2012

Euro Metal Fest Tour 2011, Brutal Assault Day 3

Day 3 at the Brutal Assault Festival, as quick as it came without me even being aware that 2 days have snuck by me already. That's the thing with Metal Festivals, as quickly as they start is as quickly as they end. That's why when you go to a Metal festival, it is imperative you are as well prepared to do the festival the right way, or else risk losing some or everything of the trip.

No matter the size of the festival, there will always be a line for Metalheads who try to stay clean, even though it is in vain.
As always, the scenery also has its quaint moments where a peaceful looking house definitely blends in with 16,000 raging Metal maniacs surrounding it.
Seems like this part of the Czech Republic has seen war up close and personal. These are cement barriers that are used as obstacles to delay enemy vehicle from making progress to key places.
I know I have mentioned this before, but the one major advantage the Brutal Assault Festival has over other festivals is its forestry and scenery.
A better look at the campers who decided they wanted a better look at the rest of us ground dwellers.
One of the many beer tents Metal Festivals are known for having.
Walking around this festival is an experience that has no rival, the fact the organizers picked this place is a testament to their decision.
This is the point of entry for the merch peddlers area. My wallet was screaming at me considering Wackens Metal Market escapade.
This seems to be the 3rd stage of the festival, but truth be told, I didn't see any bands performing here. One thing is for certain, it definitely looked awesome.
The long building in the background was the Meet & Greet and Movie area.
When I said earlier the organizers chose a great location to host this Metal Festival, it wasn't only due to the aesthetics. They actually apply said aesthetics to host a pub. This is why amongst many other reasons this festival is a major contender in the world of Metal Festivals.
The natural stand area is another aspect of this festival that makes it a potential legendary festival in the making.
A small piece of space that was utilized to make space for, you guessed it, another place to sit and have a drink.
Me in peeping tom mode.
Looks like the UFO from Wacken has followed me to Brutal Assault.
Here is a evening pic of the hilltop where the campers plopped themselves.
And of course, one of the beer tents at night, looking as awesome as expected.
They had chow vendors to cater to just about everybodys taste buds.
Another band I was looking forward to was Mayhem, and I really don't have to go into why seeing them perform live was such a key moment in my Metal life. The best part about watching them for the first time was the fact I was at this kick ass festival.
Thus ends my 3rd day in Brutal Assault, and the clock is ticking down to this festivals end. Always a sad moment when the good times are over, but a necessary evil.

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